The Patriot’s Web serves Businesses, Writers, Bloggers and Advocacy groups or organizations who identify with a conservative economic and political mindset. Individual software platforms offer different features, and we are expert at guiding you to the correct system. For instance, e-commerce, document management, audio/video and donor management are specialized areas that have specialized solutions.

Time is of the essence

When your project is ready to launch, every day counts. That's the worst time to get bogged down with a heavy learning curve and frustrating technology issues. With our automated account setup, your account can be active and ready to go in minutes. If you choose to have us help you with your site development, it could be live and functional in mere hours or a couple of days. Don't fall into the trap of "There's always time to do it over, but never time to do it right!" View Pricing

Providing all Popular CMS's

Our automated software installer provides dozens of choices, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and several forum software scripts. E-commerce packages include popular choices such as OS Commerce, Zen Cart and CubeCart. Specialty scripts include wikis, FAQs, help desk packages, polls and surveys, project management, calendars and photo galleries. Whatever your needs are, we likely have you covered!
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Technical Support

Every basic hosting account is serviced through our convenient and secure Account Management control panel. All current and historical billing information is available for review, and you can upgrade your hosting account or order other add-on services. Your support tickets, with answers, remain on file for future viewing so you don't have to ask the same questions again.
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Search Engine Services (SEO)

SEO is arguably the most mysterious and complex aspect of site management. This is because Google (and others) continually change the rules of engagement. What worked for you last week, may or may not work this week, requiring changes just to stay even. For a modest monthly fee, we can generate a detailed analysis for your site that shows you exactly where you stand. View Pricing

Email Communications

Communicating with your constituents, clients and visitors is essential to the success of your site. The Patriot's Web provides several ways to do this, from setting up hosting-level lists to installing automated mail system within your Blog or CMS system. If you engage our professional webmaster service, we will help you to capture, verify and maintain your lists. Of course, no spam is allowed! View Pricing

Webmaster Services

Your site looks good because your webmaster is good at it! Editing and posting content, gathering relevant news stories and posting links, monitoring user comments and forums, blocking spam and hackers, installing software upgrades when available, etc. We can perform any or all of your Webmaster duties to keep your site safe, fresh, active and engaging.
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Please contact us if you have any questions or special needs. We will reply shortly.x