Our Best Clients

Please understand at the outset that The Patriot’s Web takes a stand for and intends to promote liberty, personal and national sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution. We also support a Judeo-Christian and Biblical world view. As such, we are selective in the type of clients we serve, and we reserve the right to say “No.”

Thus, if you are pro-Sustainable Development, pro-Agenda 21, pro-globalization, anti-property rights, anti-state’s rights, anti-Constitution, pro-free trade, etc., then you you should make other arrangements.

We also will not entertain fringe issues, pornography or off-color sites, including zero tolerance for any illegal activity.

Data Protection

Our hosting control panel provides for automatic backups of your web site design, data and archived email. However, it is your responsibility to make backups and to save them on your own computer or other archive. You should create a new backup at least on a weekly basis, and keep at least the last three or four in your possession.

With the advent of very skilled Internet hackers, you never want to get caught without a recent backup!

Late Payments

Once your account is set up and your site launched, it is necessary that you pay your ongoing monthly fees. Normally, this is billed automatically to your credit card, but arrangement can be made for you to send a check or money order. If you fall behind by more than 60 days from your last paid monthly invoice, your account (and web site) will be suspended until we receive the back payments.

Training and Responsibility

Within your cPanel hosting account area, there are a number of training videos that will instruct you on the use of cPanel. There is also considerable written documentation. We advise you to take advantage of any such training/documentation material in order to become proficient at operating your hosting area and web site.

Depending on the platform you choose (e.g., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) to create your site, there will be similar material on its operation and maintenance. Take advantage of these as well.

The most effective users are those who are best-trained. Of course, we are always here to help, but our help should not be an excuse for not trying to become knowledgeable yourself.