About The Patriot's Web

Why Patriot’s Web? Because too many good and necessary advocacy efforts are FAILING because their leaders cannot pull together all the resources to make their site work! Even when they can, the building blocks soon morph into new technologies that leave the others in the dust. That’s the nature of the Internet. Once you have decided to “jump on the treadmill”, we want to make sure you stay on it and even turn up the running speed.

The Patriot’s Web is operated by The August Corporation in Washington state near the historic town of Battlefield. With a long history in publishing, technology and advocacy, the company is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your objectives. From simple site hosting through sophisticated webmaster services, we can scale up to deliver exactly what you want, when you want it and at a reasonable price.

The founder of The Patriot’s Web and The August Corporation, Patrick Wood, has been active in the conservative movement and publishing world for over three decades. Let his experience guide you to effective action in the advocacy issues that are most important to you.

Areas of special interest and experience include, but are not limited to: Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, Smart Growth, International Baccalaureate, property rights, States’ rights, Constitutional governance, education, and local and state-wide political action.

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